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About My Community Matters

Following on from the successful My Health Matters programme, we are now linked in and have become part of the nationally recognised Connecting Communities Network to launch My Community Matters throughout the City of  Stoke-on-Trent.

My Community Matters will:

  • Communicate with local residents, businesses and organisations to find out what’s good and what could be improved locally.
  • Support local residents in setting up fully trained and resident led neighbourhood partnerships.
  • Provide a range of community activities within local neighbourhoods.
  • Develop and create an effective network of community organisations who will work together to achieve common goals.
  • Work alongside community and lifestyle champions to help them share their experiences and knowledge to  inspire others into action.
  • Provide small start up grants and support to help achieve sustainable resident led community initiatives.
  • Maximise opportunities to improve the quality of community facilities ie developing an area of wasteland for growing projects.

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